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We Tried To Grow Vegetables All Winter Long. Didn't Work, But It Was Great For Seedlings

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

This project took my husband and I most of a day but it was fun to put together. We basically made a 3x3x3 foot cube cage to keep the cats away from our plants. The front panel is on hinges and opens so we can easily access the plants. There is an eye and hook latch to keep it closed. The lid is not attached. It lifts off easily in case we want to work in there for a while. We covered the whole thing with chicken wire, the door and the lid separately so they can be removed. My husband bought the grow light online, it makes the whole room pink. Now I just have to fill it with plants. I'm not sure which ones work best in these conditions. There will probably have to be some experimentation. I think leafy greens like kale and spinach will do well. The pictures are not great due to the lighting but you get the idea.

Update: We tried a few different vegetables and didn't get much in the way of yield. We brought in some tomato stalks from our summer outdoor plants and rooted them before planting. The plants survived and seemed healthy but we only got a few tomatoes all winter. I think we got a little bit of rainbow chard but not much. We got a few handfuls of string beans. The beans really grew the best out of everything. Most things we tried sprouted then stopped. But no worries, we found a better use for our setup. We stared our seedlings in it in the spring to get a head start on the summer growing season. We planted the seeds in March. The resulting plants are amazing. The pepper plants are small but there are so many peppers on them I am afraid they will fall over. We have more tomato plants then we know what to do with and they are tall with sturdy stems but just started producing fruit. So far this is the best summer for growing at this point.

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