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Refreshing Flavoured Waters: Mint Edition

I don't like tap water. I know that bottled water is an environmental catastrophe so I won't buy individual bottles but I have trouble swallowing chlorine water. It tastes dirty to me. So I flavour my tap water so I don't die of dehydration. There are a million ways to kick up the flavour in water. Fresh mint was on sale this week and absolutely beautiful so I will start with mint. Here are the successful experiments.

Wild berry mint flavoured water

Simple Mint

Just wash some fresh mint, crush it a little and add water. The flavour is subtle but strong enough to cover the city water taste. I used sparkling water in the picture below and it was a bit stronger than the flat water. The sparkling water was certainly more interesting.

Mint Water

Blended Mint

This is just water, some fresh mint and ice cubes blended. If your blender is lower powered you will want to strain the little bits of leaves out with a tea strainer. The mint flavour is stronger than the above version but not spicy or overpowering.

Mint and Lime

This is a refreshing combination that is quick to throw together. Just add fresh mint and a piece of lime to water. Shake or stir.

Mint and Lime

Mint with Yellow Plums

I wanted to try mint with peach but the peaches were no good at the store. The yellow plums were beautiful so that's what we went with. The fruit drinks were more interesting to my son so he helped put them together and taste test them.

For this drink we cut up 2 plums and removed the pits. We washed and squeezed some mint, added the mint, plums and water to a cup with a lid and gave it a shake. Pour the drink into a glass and enjoy. You can of course use flat or sparkling water.

Mint and yellow plums

Wild Berry Mint: Our Favorite So Far

This one was the clear winner. We put 3 tbsp of frozen berries in water with the mint and shook gently in a lidded cup then poured it into glasses. If you wanted to use fresh fruit it would be best to chop it up a little first so that the flavours mingle.

Wild berry Mint

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