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Plant based/Vegan Disaster Prep Video 1

Hi All!

This is basically a haul video outlining what I bought to stock pile for disaster preparedness, more specifically the current Covid-19 outbreak. This is the first video of a small series on disaster prep as a vegan/plant-based person. The goal is to be able to survive a few months on our own with our own supplies.

We have limited space and funds so I am not going over board stockpiling goods. I am also not an expert on the subject, I just put a lot of thought into prepping and I happen to be vegan.

As for the "veganness" of the listed products, I am personally not concerned with trace amounts of animal products. So if it says "May Contain..." I don't worry about that and I am not concerned with where the sugar is sourced at this time. If you avoid all trace amounts of animal products, please check ingredients before you buy and don't rely on my having bought it to confirm its vegan status.

This is also not a health video. I am just trying to have what I need to keep my family alive. We typically eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Obviously in a survival type situation, food availability changes.

If I forgot anything major, please help me out and comment below!

Disclaimer: This video is not official advice from any official source. It is just how I am responding to the official advice. I filmed these videos a few weeks ago so as the covid-19 situation changes, needs may change as well. While I am preparing for the current pandemic, the idea here is to be prepared for any disaster, not just the current one.

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