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Irish Spring Soap Actually Seems to Keep Squirrels Away

A few years ago I got a total of two peppers out of my two pepper plants and the squirrels got one of them. I like squirrels but that sucked. The following year something has been eating the shoots off the snap pea plants and we didn't get a tone of peas as a result. I could hear them through the window at night, routing around, getting up to no good. Well, not anymore. I saw the Irish Spring soap trick on Pinterest so I bought 2 bars from Dollarama. I chopped them in half and drilled a hole in them for the string and hung them on the deck. They are pretty smelly but it is not a bad smell and the critters did not come around so much after hanging them. I didn't bother the following year and had something taste the jalapenios, leaving them behind ruined. The soup trick seems to work. Something on Pinterest that did what it promised!

#Gardeningtricks #StopSquirrelsfromEatingYourGarden

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