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Cheap and Easy Wall Art: Paper Stars on a Stick

In the small town I grew up in, lots of houses had these big stars on them. I'm not sure why they were there but now it is a symbol I associate with the country. I often feel suffocated by the city so it is nice to have country type things around. I originally saw some folded paper stars on Pinterest from this website.

I was inspired to try this simple little craft for myself so I made some stars in MS Word, printed them, cut them out and folded them up according to the directions from that website.

Repeated 5 times to make 5 stars and tied them to a stick with some white thread. The result was a simple wall hanging to take up some empty wall space. My husband said it looks kind of communist so that is interesting I guess. It costs nearly nothing to make.

A really creative person could use scrapbook paper instead of white paper. I was going for more subtle because of where it was located.

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