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Understanding the Movement of the Sun by Making a Sundial

It's super sunny out so it's a great time to learn about the sun. In this lesson I wanted my kiddo to learn...

  1. The sun moves around the earth which changes the direction of the shadows.

  2. You can use this movement to tell the time if you have a sundial

  3. Sundials are pretty easy to make

What You Need:

  • 12 rocks labelled 1-12

  • a stick

  • a spot in the yard that is no in the shade for most of the day

  • a clock

What To Do:

  1. Go outside with all your stuff on the hour during a sunny time of the day. Don't choose noon as there will not be a shadow. Any day light hour before or after will do.

  2. Put your stick straight into the ground.

  3. The shadow will be pointing to what time it is now, so if you go out at 2:00, the shadow is pointing at the 2. Place your "2" rock about 3 inches from the stick in the direction of the shadow.

  4. Place add 6 to what ever hour you just placed and put that number rock directly across from it so if you drew a line from the rock and the stick you would eventually make it to the other rock.

  5. Use these two rocks to arrange your other rocks approximately where they should go. After a few hours you can come out and check how close your estimate was.

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