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Stuffed Pasta Shells: High Protein, Low Fat and Good for Picky Kids

Warning! This recipe makes a lot. 2-3 meals worth depending on your family size.

About a month ago I tried this great lasagna recipe that had this tofu based ricotta that was a real hit with my son and husband. I hate working with lasagna noodles because they break to easy so this time I opted for shells. Shells still break but in fewer numbers and I can often piece them back together. My picky little eater ate has whole plate then came after mine so this was win. I cooked the whole box of shells, took two pots, then stuffed 'em and topped 'em with sauce. I split them between three pans but if you have a larger or more hungry family your may want to split them between two. It depends how many shells survive I guess. I ended up with 35 shells in the end, then we ate one pan worth and froze two. And I served it with garlic toast.

What you Need:

Ricotta Mix:

-block of frozen spinach, thawed with water squeezed out

-one package of firm tofu

-one package of soft tofu

-1 TB sugar

-1/2 tsp garlic powder

-2 TB lemon juice

-1 tsp basil

-2 tsp salt

One package of Pasta shells, large (the No Name ones made of semolina are usually vegan)

One Jar of Pasta sauce, any kind you like.

What to do: 1. Prepare shells according to package directions. 2. Blend first 8 ingredients in a blender until well mixed. 3. Stuff the shells generously and place in oven safe pans. 4. Add about a tablespoon of sauce to the top of each shell. 5. When ready to cook, place in oven heated to 350 F for 20 minutes.

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