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I've Been Missing, Here's Why.

I have not posted anything in a long time but I have reasons. My main original reason is that we moved. We move from Toronto, Ontario to Kelowna, British Columbia. Took about a month to pack furiously then a whole 5 days to drive here.

I live so close to this lake it's crazy.

I'm also pregnant! On purpose and everything! We're super stoked about it but boy howdy have I been nauseous. Nausea makes it hard to do stuff like unpack or post articles. I had hoped to write each night of the trip but I got so tired (go pregnancy fatigue) and nauseous so that was not happening.

Despite pregnancy symptoms, the trip was good. My perfect little dude was so well behaved. He seemed to tolerate the trip better than me. We didn't run into much snow thankfully. We got a little in Western Ontario but it was fine. Western Ontario was definitely the most strange leg of the trip. We stayed in a small spider filled hotel in Wawa. I was proud of myself for not freaking out about that at all. I removed the remains of the dead spiders in all the corners and carried on. Big mistake.

I was bitten by something in my sleep. It was most likely a brown recluse spider because I am not arachnophobic enough all ready. I felt like I had been stung by a bee. My whole scalp hurt and if anything touched my head I got a deep headache. It was lovely. After a few days it got better but I still had a small painful bump that I more or less scraped off for fear that something laid eggs in my head. That's not a real thing that happens but phobias are not logical.

So Wawa was not the best but the Western Ontario was actually quite beautiful. It was winter there unlike it was in Toronto when we had left. We drove by a huge solar farm. I didn't know they got that big.

The prairies seemed a lot more flat during this trip then the last one. There was not too much to see because of the time of the year. There are more animals out in the summer. There were a lot more wind farms than there were 10 years ago and a lot less of those oil see-saw things. Next time we visit the prairies it will be in the summer I hope.

Then we got to the Rockies. It's hard to drive in the mountains because I want to just look at everything but I have to still pay attention to the road. It's mesmerizing. Easily the most interesting part of the drive and where we took the best pictures. We're so lucky that we get to bring up our kids here surrounded by nature. We are going to have to camp in the summers, after we get some bear spray ;)

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