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Fantastic Vegan Cake Pops

What structure does melanin travel along in the melonocyte of a nevi? That was the ridiculous question on a friends test that inspired this cake. The answer is a microtubule. The cake is suppose to look like a mictrotubule. Cake pops were easier to do than icing a cake this way I figured. They took a few days to make but they were really easy to put together.

I started off making two chocolate cakes using this amazing recipe. I use this chocolate cake recipe all the time. It makes one level so I double the recipe to make two. Apparently this is called a "depression cake" because it did not require expensive ingredients like eggs and milk so it was used during the depression. It also happens to be vegan so its perfect. If has no weird ingredients.

What you need:

2 vegan cakes, fantastic recipe available here

Vegan icing, this can be store bought

Dairy free dark chocolate About 4 bars with

Tooth picks or lollipop sticks

Optional: sprinkles

What to do:

Day 1

Step 1: Make the cakes as per the linked recipe.

Step 2: Break the cakes up in a large bowl. Don't use a potato masher as pictured, hands work the best.

Step 3: Add 2 large dollops of vegan icing. I used about 1/2 a cup in total. Mix the icing in well with your hands until the cake dough holds together. Add a bit more if needed but keep in mind that too much icing will cause the pops to be too loose and fall apart.

Step 4: Use a meat baller to form cake dough into balls. A meat baller keeps them all the same size.

Step 5: Freeze the balls overnight. Ensure they are not touching each other. I separated the layers with aluminum foil so I could stack them and fit them all in the freezer.

Day 2

Step 6: Break up 1 to 1.5 vegan dark chocolate bars in a mug and microwave for 30 seconds. Mix and microwave for 20-30 seconds again, Continue to mix and microwave until the chocolate is smooth.

Step 7: Put a lollipop stick or tooth pick in each cake ball. Dip the cake pop in the chocolate and allow the chocolate to drip off. You may need to remelt or melt more chocolate from time to time until the balls are all coated. I brushed chocolate onto some and dipped them in sprinkles to save chocolate. I placed the pops directly on the foil but you could keep them inverted so the chocolate stays perfect looking by placing the sticks in a short glass.

Step 8: Freeze overnight.

Day 3

You can arrange your cake pops in some special way using tooth picks or just enjoy the way they are :)

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