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Asian-Italian fusion: Vegan Pizza Dumplings

Most of the time when I try making a new recipe off the cuff, it needs a lot of tweaking. Recipes normally evolve for me slowly over time. Not the case with pizza dumplings. They were a hit right away. This is not the most "from scratch" recipe but it tasted good so I'm posting it anyway.

What you need: Dumpling wrappers Vegan pepperoni Daiya Mozzarella 'cheese' Pizza Sauce

Oil for frying What to do: 1. Lay out a dumpling wrapper. Add a teaspoon of pizza sauce, a slice of pepperoni and a sprinkle of 'cheese'. 2. Wet the rim of the dumpling with a little water. 3. Fold and squish the outer edges together to form a half circle as shown above. 4. When you have a good sized batch of dumplings ready, boil some water then add your dumplings. They will float to the top when ready. 5. Lay out the finished dumplings to dry a little while you heat a frying pan then fry dumplings on medium heat in a bit of oil. I drained the finished dumplings on some paper towel so they wouldn't be too greesy. Enjoy :)

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