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An Adventure in Drunken Cooking: The Vegan "Chicken" Wrap

It was early evening and the little one had fallen asleep early. This gave my husband and I a rare opportunity to spend time together alone. I am a light weight so after 2 drinks on the deck I was in the bag and I still had not made supper. Opps. Oh well, convenience food to the rescue. Here is a wrap recipe that is easy enough for a drunk me to make. P.S. I don't recommend cooking drunk as you risk cutting yourself or burning yourself. Do unwise things at your own risk :) Also, I apologize for the blurry quality of the pictures. ;)

What you need:

  • wraps

  • 3 vegan chicken strips per wrap

  • chopped up kale

  • Lima beans (optional but awesome. Any beans would work)

  • Vegan mayo (Earth Island and Hellmann's taste good)

What to do:

1. Cook up your vegan chicken strips in the frying pan because that is faster than the oven.

2. Wash and chop kale. (tip: chop up too much kale and make a side salad with a few veggies and nuts.)

3. Arrange the kale, chicken fingers and beans on the wrap as shown.

4. Top with some vegan mayo, Veganaise with the green lid is the best in my opinion [edit: I like Hellmann's Vegan Mayo too and it is cheaper than Earth Island so I have since switched :)]. Or making it from scratch from the Oh She Glows cookbook is good too [the cheapest option by far].

5. Fold the bottom of the wrap up than each side. Enjoy your easy meal.

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