Week 1: Getting Started

Week 1 Meal Plan: The recipes in this meal plan are more geared towards plant based beginners. The recipes are not to difficult but tend to please a diverse audience, including kids, the most picky of eaters. 

Welcome to my first free meal plan. This meal plan covers what meals I make for my family of 4. My sons are 1 and 8 years old so you may have to adjust your plan if your family is larger or older. I have not gone into depth about what I feed my toddler here. He eats a mix of what is listed here, breast milk and baby food, etc. I will go more into depth about plant based toddlers at a later time. This food plan features recipes from my own site and some from Isa Chandra’s book Isa Does It. It is a fantastic book. You can buy it here. I found links to all the recipes but they are often from 3rd party sites. Click the document below to download the meal plan as a word document.

Kelowna, British Columbia |  Allison.e.mcmillan@gmail.com

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